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You know what they say. Need I say more?
Press this, if you want to die.

Qing Ling
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Sock Wei
Awesome 16!!!! ^^

(Awesome friends!)

Had an awesome birthday today! Fahmi came to my house as usual. After we all are set up to go, we went to BPP to eat naked fish. Few minutes later, Amirul arrived then the rest came after that. They wished me happy birthday and we go ride the bus. After we reached to Vivo, we waited for Qistina. Sooo Late!!! After she arrived already, we go ride the sentosa bus and go to siloso beach. We played some ball games and it was fun! Then Yi Xin need to go off early.. Awww =(. After we had fun already, we change our clothes and went to vivo again. Ate burger king. Yumyum! Took some group pics! Then went home.. This is the best birthday ever! Thanks guys!!!!! ^^

Things happen for a reason

Hey guys! This month is really depressing for me but now im fine a little bit. Dont wanna talk about it. =) Monday went for silat and it was a sparring session! Fahmi went to my house to prepare. He was so excited to fight since its his 2nd time training. When we went there, Azri already arrived earlier than our instructor!! Wah, salute2. Then as usual do some warm ups and some fitness. I can see fahmi and azri is getting a hang of it. Last training, they were struggling like hell but now, their fitness improved. After our warm ups and fitness is over, we start the sparring session. I was shocked that Fahmi had to fight the instructor. When i see him fight, he really have some potential to be a silat athlete. After their fight, My sis (Hizriani) fight with azri. As usual he say that he will win her and all that. I smiled at azri and said to my mind. Its not going to be that easy and i was right. He kana bashed by my sis! HAHAHA! Its okay la, beginner what. Then its my turn to fight. I fight with my silat friend, Hilmi. When i kept bashing him, his face really showed some anger. I kept my cool and just focus. I managed to front sweep him about 2 times and its a success!

Today school was okay. Need to run 1.5km. -.- I really hate running but no choice. Need to reach school at 7.55. After the run, went back to class and lesson starts. After CCA, went back home and alot of things happen. My brother is in hospital right now. He has a motorbike accident. The paramedic called my mum. Then, My mum talked to us about the accident. His left leg is broken and suffered very serious injuries. I want to follow my parents to see my brother but they dont allow because of school tomorrow. Hope he is fine...... and the rest is confidential. Alright, SEE YA!

I'm back!

Sorry guys for not posting for so long. Haha! Many things happened to me this year. Hmmmm, where shall i start.. Oh well lets start with Dance Nite. Yeap, it was awesome! Practiced like hell and finally it was over! It really paid off. The students, teachers and parents are happy with the performance. The band was the first item to perform. Man, i was so nervous but i had a lot of fun and i danced while conducting. My friends told me it was funny because they never see a conductor danced before and they really liked it! Blahblahblah, Dance Nite was over.. Well, my life is really depressing now. Dont want to talk about it because it will only make me more worst remembering it. I'm such a stupid and clumsy guy. Thanks Azmirah, Fahmi, Michael and Joanna for cheering me up. =). I will try to be happy for you guys! Alright thats all i want to say. Peace out!

I will always remember the happy moments with you......

Happy birthday Sock Wei!

Happy 15th bday SW! =)

Well, as you can see that today is sock wei's birthday. The day before her birthday, me, fahmi and amirul went cycling at 11 plus and yeah i know damn hot but we endure it a little. We cycle to Lot 1 to eat at macdonald *We all havent eat breakfast yet*. Then all of a sudden that sock wei sms us say (do not forget to bring my present *tongue out*).

Then we all had an idea, we all trick sock wei by saying fahmi is sick and amirul forget to buy and me go malaysia cuz my aunt is in coma XD. At first she was like not believe us then after that she believes us. HAHA! After eating at macdonald we continued cycling. Tch! That fahmi bought a new bike and show it to us.

Ok lah... His previous bike was damn sucky cuz the bike was small and it's a kids bike! When me and amirul cycle, that fahmi will be behind us very slow panting and his gear got some problem. Now his bike change to bmx sey! Not bad, not bad. We continue cycling to bukit batok and then fahmi was tired so we rest near a block there.

Amirul showed us some yo-yo tricks. Man, he is so pro! Than amirul teach us some few tricks. We only managed to do braintwister and damn hard to do. After we rest, we continued cycling and go to bukit batok. Then we go west mall and eat some more. Well me and fahmi gets hungry easily XD. After we eat there then go home cuz amirul need to go home early.

Reached home at 6 plus. Then today went to school with fahmi and amirul. We like quietly sneak in to school so that sock wei wont see us. Then fahmi was thirsty so go canteen to buy drink than we all shocked to see sock wei at the canteen. She seems like she didn't see us so we quickly buy our drinks and went out the canteen without sock wei noticing then fahmi go shout sock wei but sock wei didn't look at us.

Perhaps fahmi shout so soft. Then we go basketball court assemble there. Then we all know that sock wei will see us. Then she walk towards us then scold us all that. We all laugh and gave her our presents to her. Then during MT class me, fahmi and amirul wait outside cuz the classroom was locked.

Then we heard sock wei calling me. She say i left my receipt in the plastic bag. Ughh.. Die.. I forgot to take it out.. Aiya but nvm what. At least got the wallet XD. After school went to fahmi house to slack and play ps3. Played ps3 like for about 5 hours. Play rock band until my hand become numb.

Then accompany fahmi go buy panadol for his mom. Bought waffles and then went home. Sorry long time never post! Haha.... Kinda lazy. Ok that's all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOCK WEI!

Went to school as usual with fahmi and amirul today. Slept during chemistry and i'm the only one sleeping! When i woke up, the teacher stared at me. In his mind i think he will say, " Lazy boy.. likes to sleep during my lesson. You will fail i tell you!" Well he didnt say anything. I was tired what do you expect? Oh well, sleeping is my favourite subject but too bad thy aren't any.. -.- After school got heritage trip for the sec 2's and i became the tour guide. for class 2/6. Such a irritating class but im used to it. Keep nagging like an old man, ask stupid questions. Feel like shouting at them but whats the point.. Let the teachers handle it XD. After the trip, went back to school and fahmi called me to meet him at bpp. I got nothing to do at home so i went to bpp with amirul. When i reached at the garden plaza, i saw fahmi and ahad doing breakdancing. I sit there look at them do then we practice martial arts. Fahmi asked me how i do the leg sweep. I showed him the basics but he say he want to do the pro one. I sigh and showed to him the pro version. He say chicken feet then he do at me and guess what? His pants tear!!!!! So big the hole! Me,amirul and ahad laugh so loudly and lucky he wore boxers. He want to open his pants and walk with his boxers but scared later police catch him XD. Went home and saw my sis eating marshmallow and juice. Stupid, don't want to respect me fasting. Eat in front of me somemore. My mum cooked pattaya rice for breakfast. *FOOD* My mouth started to drool a little and when the azan starts, Eat time!! I eat like there's no tomorrow XD. After eating walk like an old man because i ate alotXD. Okay thats all I want to say... Long time nvr post XD


Today i was starving like hell but you know fasting month, had to endure it until 7+. Went to West Coast Park to plan for the band outing. That Alessio can't come because he got lost at orchard?!?!? Well, nevermind about that. Lucky Jeremy, Ramdzan and Bernice came. When i was on the bus thinking what activities should i make for tomorrow's outing, there was a sms. I checked the message and it this N.E Ambassador thingy. It says tomorrow report school at 8 and end at 5.30. WHAT THE HELL?!?! How about the outing? Well if i can persuade the teachers to let me go off early, i can come for the outing but if the teachers says no, SCREW YOU! I break-fast eating prata home-made edition. Well, it doesnt looks like a prata but its really delicious! Watched Singapore idol just now and Faisal,Duane,Sezaili,Mae,Fathin and the two names i forgot are getting through to the top 12. XD. Instead of top 12, they change it to top 13. I hope Farhan and Faisal will get to the finals! All the best! Alright, im stopping here. Sorry long time never post XD. Shall update later!

Bored at home..

Well today didnt go out and i stayed at home rotting with my sis. I was bored so i decided to practice the guitar until my fingers feels slightly numb. I decided to play the com and it was boring too. Don't know what to do. Went youtube listen some songs to reduce my boredom. I was hungry and my mum did not cook and my parents went off to see some concert. I want to come but they tod me they bought only two tickets and all the tickets were sold out. Great, just great... After i finish playing the com, i watched tv. After watch tv, play guitar again... Well i decided to post some music videos for you all to enjoy.. I like the songs.. Hope you guys like it!